Question Wireless network connection dropping at a specific time - Huawei Router

Feb 28, 2019

I recently switched ISP, who have installed an LTE outdoor antenna on my roof. This is directly connected through an ethernet cable to a Huawei CPE B2368-22 modem-router (also supplied by the ISP > T-Mobile). The current firmware on the router is B2368_V100R001C00SPC038. Ever since the installation by the T-Mobile techs, I have noticed two issues. One is that the router, which offers both 2.4 and 5GHz Wifi connections, simply decides to stop showing the 5GHz network. No matter what device I try to connect with, it is not visible. If I restart the modem or disable and re-enable the wifi 5GHz connection from the router software interface, the connection reappears. After a few hours/days it simply disappears again until I once again restart or disable and enable the wifi. Not only does it disappear but any devices connected to the 5Ghz network disconnect. Since the issues with the 5Ghz wifi, I've moved to use the 2.4GHz wifi.

The next issue which is causing me more trouble is that my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017, macOS 10.14.4) but also other devices like my Oneplus 6T device simply loose connection. To make things even stranger this happens around 10:30 AM, give or take a few mins (just at the time of my daily online scrum meetings!!!). I have no external hardware that is running any scheduled tasks or updates except for a Synology NAS - this has been on my setup for ages and I've not had any issue with it so I'm inclined to say it is not the culprit. Also, any tasks running on it are not set to run around that time.

I've since contacted the ISP and they have replaced the whole setup - so I basically got a new outdoor antenna and router all set up from scratch. Yet, the same issues occur.

Note there are no actual LTE disconnections reported by my ISP nor on the router software. Simply wifi drops. No issues with ethernet connected devices. The drops always occur around the time mentioned above but not necessarily every day. Let's say every 2nd or 3rd day at random/

I am out of ideas. Any suggestion on what to do would be great.

Use a wireless device to look for other wireless networks in your environment. Especially any using 5GHz.

What channels are being used? Interference between wireless networks is a possibility.

Within your network, double check the IP addresses being used.

I would expect that the Synology NAS has a static IP address.

The NAS may not be the culprit per se but if there is some IP address duplication with another device then connectivity could be intermittent or completely lost.
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Feb 28, 2019
Hey @Ralston18, thanks for your swift reply. All devices are set to use DHCP except for the NAS and one computer connected through ethernet. I do have an extra router connected in Access Point Mode (ASUS AC68U) which is on whereas the main Huawei Router is It is on the same Subnet. All the connections - wireless and not on the Asus Router never suffered any disconnection, the issue is only on the Huawei router.

As for your question about the channels. The Huawei 5GHz is on channel 56 and the Asus 5GHz network channel is set to use Auto mode. The routers are connected to each other using an ethernet cable but are separated by a 1-metre thick wall. There are not many wireless networks around, the few I've seen don't seem to be 5G ones.

  1. Do you think I should assign a fixed IP for all the devices? I have a total of 7 or so devices.
  2. Do you think it could help if I set the secondary access point router to use another subnet currently both are on
I still can't understand why the interference would happen at that specific time.... 😕

Thanks again.
1) No. Use DHCP for the most part. Use Static IP addresses for "fixed" components such as a NAS drive, printer, scanner, Access Point etc.

2) Again no. Stay with the standard configurations.

Changing things without some underlying rationale will likely just cause confusion and/or more problems.

You can do some troubleshooting:

Try another known working Ethernet cable between router and access point.

Try changing the Channel to be 56 - manually. No "auto". Try that without changing anything else.

Take a close look at the settings on both the ASUS and Hauwei routers. Double check the allowed DHCP ranges, ensure that only the Hauwei (main router) is the only router with DHCP enabled.

Check the IP addresses on all devices - again there should be no duplicates or the possibility of duplicates. I.e., a device with a static IP that could be inadvertently duplicated via DHCP and then discovered when the static device comes online.

If I have correctly followed the connectivity, then the ASUS router (Access Point) should be set up as a static IP address, with the assigned static IP address outside of the DHCP IP address range allowed to the Huawei router. And that assigned static IP address should be reserved on the Hauwei for the ASUS via the ASUS's MAC.
Feb 28, 2019
Thanks for the info. I'll keep investigating. I've been connected to the Asus router Wifi networks as I was busy with work and couldn't afford to deal with disconnections again and the wifi has been stable. It is clearly something messing with the Wifi on the Huawei router. Once again thank you for your suggestions, I'll make sure to report any findings here.