Wireless Network Connection says I'm connected, but I'm not...but sometimes I am


Apr 9, 2010
I have a desktop that I have plugged into a wireless adapter, D-link airplus G DWL-G122. The router is downstairs, this is a two-flat, I'm upstairs. I have the D-Link set up high, down low, all moved around. It is not near a wireless phone or microwave. I have brought up the laptop, works GREAT up here and right next to the desktop. What is driving me a little crazy is that my wireless network status connection says the connection is "good" or "strong" and I think I'm online. Like now, I have been online researching this for over an hour but when I send this, I might get a message telling me I'm no longer connected to explorer ( I also use mozilla)and I don't realize it because I have nothing telling me that I lost a connection!! I've seen the connection go from 2-36 mpbs. Regardless, it appears I am online and I've been online at 2,6 18 mpbs just fine. Sometimes I am on for hours, sometimes it comes and goes minute to minute and I only know this, if I'm hopping from page to page online and get my "not connected" explorer/mozilla error. The network tells me I'm connected and have a strong signal. It has NEVER told me I'm not connected. I only know if I move from one page to another. To fix this, I can wait (it usually comes back from 2 minutes to 10 minutes just fine) or unplug the um...I guess it's called a cartridge...the d-link cartridge from the d-link base, pop it back, works like a charm. Or I can restart computer. Had a tech guy look at it, but he can't explain it and of course, when he's here, it works just fine. I don't know anything about computers. So far, my research brought up this:

This is due to Virus and Spywares.
Follow these steps to solve it:
1. First of all download the WinsockFix Utility from the following link:
but that was for NO connection, I'm here on this computer now. Can anyone help?


Saga Lout


Hello, and welcome to TomsHardware.

I'm guessing you're in the UK where we have Asynchronous DSL which is extrememely susceptible to noise on the line. The way we try to workaround that is by ASL filters which we plug into the line between the telephone company's wall socket and the router - what I think you're calling a cartridge. You also need one of those on every other telephone socket in the house, even those you might forget about - Sky box, burglar alarms that ring Mr. Plod, etc.

If you have them fitted everywhere and still have this problem, I suggest you replace the one to the router with the faceplate variety. This takes the place of the BT faceplate socket and, being more than a square inch and containing real copper, is far more efficient than those little boxes.