Question Wireless network issues on built PC


Jan 28, 2017
Hi Guys, this is a very specific issue I am having with getting stable wireless connection from my built PC - hopefully someone with technical knowledge can help me out with this.

Before getting in to it, I thought I would just mention that I have a custom built PC as I believe this is a huge contributing factor.

Anyhow, my PC has issues using wireless adapters when it comes to online gaming and web browsing. 90% of the time it works fine, however the connection will drop when entering online games or loading up web pages but mainly during the former. The web page or game will disconnect, the wireless symbol on the bottom right of the task bar will show the icon with a yellow warning triangle for around a minute, then connect again as normal or disconnect entirely, register the USB again (as if being plugged in again) and then reconnect. I am no expert but maybe it is to do with a high volume of information being sent and received (?).

This is definitely nothing to do with the dongle itself. I have tried three different dongles in the past and still had the same problems and i have played around with the device settings in the control panel e.g. power saving, different channels, selective suspend etc. for each dongle and nothing has helped. This leads me to believe there is an issue with the hardware inside my PC.

I also do not believe it has anything to do with the placement of the router or my PC in my home. My partner has their desk adjacent to mine and does not experience the same issues as me.

I also have a PCIe wireless card which does not drop the connection. Though, the speeds are much worse using this. Gaming using the card becomes a problem as ping fluctuates and makes for an unplayable experience.

My thoughts are that it could be the motherboard but I have no idea. I think I have included all helpful info but feel free to ask more questions.

I am really just looking for a clue to find out why this is happening and what steps I can take to fix it.

A huge thanks in advance,

Pretty much this is a standard issue with wifi. It is surprising it completely drops the connection but what you see on your PCI card is exactly the reason they say never play games on wifi.

The technology is fundamentally incompatible with online games. Wifi does data re transmission to correct lost data unlike any other protocol. It takes time to do this so you get inconsistent latency. Games use the latency between the server and the client to calculate in game position. They do not tolerate variations in this latency.

You have already done everything you can really do. There are very few options and the magic change the channel trick seldom works now days with massive numbers of people using all the channels.

You might try a long USB cable if you have not tried that. Many times the case or fans in a computer can interfere but everything with wifi is very hit and miss. The radio signals are affected by everything even the dog walking through the room. Having one machine work fine next to another that does not is not uncommon. Figuring out why tends to be impossible when you have done the obvious like swapping the wifi dongles. Be nice if you could see the radio signals like you can ethernet cables.

You have done all the easy ones like trying other hardware and changing the channels. I will assume you made sure you had the correct drivers.

Maybe buy extender antenna cables for your PCI card. Placing the antenna on top of the case tends to work better than with them hidden behind the machine next to all that metal.

Still wifi and online game is very hit and miss.