[SOLVED] Wireless networking issue on 1 PC in network

Aug 27, 2020
Hello. First time poster here so please excuse any mistakes.

I have been experiencing this issue on my desktop PC for 4 weeks now. It appears to have started randomly. My PC is getting severe lag spikes and moments for a minute or two where my wireless network card can't detect any networks (normally there is 8-10 it picks up when scanning).

Prior to this starting, my wireless internet has always been perfect. I have never had an issue with it. No lagging or being unable to connect like this. I normally get between 50-55mbs over wireless.

I am with BT, who I have spoken with and are telling me my 'line is fine' and they can't see any issues. There are roughly 15 devices in the house which are connected to the wireless network. This is made up of mobile phones, televisions, gaming consoles, laptops and desktop PCs (not all at the same time).

The weird part. My partner sits directly behind me, in the same room, uses an identical network card and doesn't experience this issue. Nobody else in the house experiences this issue. It's only my computer being effected.

What I've tried so far:
  • Replaced my network card for the same make/model, but a brand up new version
  • Factory reset the BT router
  • Disabled Windows firewall/defender
  • Uninstalled any monitoring software for motherboard, fans, etc.
  • Monitoring PC via task manager. I can't see any abnormalities.
Points which may be useful:
  • This has happened when I am the only person using the network/internet
  • This happens when there are multiple devices connected to the internet
  • There are no events in event log which would highlight and issue
  • The wireless network card I'm using is an Asus PCE-AC88
If you have any suggestions at all, I don't care how small or stupid they might sound, just leave a comment and I'll try it. If I can't get this resolved by the weekend, I'm going to wipe my PC and start fresh to see if that solves it! I'm completely fed up now.

Thank you in advance,
Aug 27, 2020
The lag spikes do you notice it in games? If so it might be ping spikes cause by your wifi being on the same wifi channel as your neighbors causing interference.

I do notice the spikes in game as I can see my ping increasing. It'll spike to a couple of thousand, then drop back down to 20-30 for a short while.

When I'm not in game, there are times were I know there's an issue as I won't be able to load web pages, but Windows displays as I'm still connected to my network with internet access. Then normally it either disconnects entirely or resolves itself.

The weird part is that my PC is the only device in the house which experiences this issue. I can't seem to identify if something else in the house is causing this as there doesn't seem to be a common factor. I.e. other people using the internet, multiple devices connected. This can happen when I'm the only person using the internet or when there are multiple people and devices connected at the same time.