Wireless or wired database access


Aug 2, 2012
Hi Guys

Im having a problem to structure a small network office. The situation is like this;i have a database server which currently running mysql 5.5. I have 120 user to access the database and they using a specific quality control (QC)system where developed from VB 6. Thus, they will running/access the database 120 users at one time.I decided to use wifi connection as a platform to user access the database, but from my point of view the speed only can increase until 54Mbps. Before this 10 users have been tested to access the database by using wired(100Mps-1.0Gb) and the time they took to generate a QC report almost 10 minutes. So i need an advice which platform i have to choose either wifi or wired, and for your info if i choose wired platform it will cost of cabling and space since my office is small to fit 100++ furniture.I just finished do a replication server from main server, thus i have 2 servers running the same database.I think i want to separate the user from 50=main server and 50=replication server.Is it worth it?


How the users access a database to run queries is almost meaningless, the queries done are on the server. You need a faster server. Have you done tests using both connections?

Wireless data transfer is much much slower than wired, for an office with 120 users, you should use wired for as many people as possible unless you are OK with slower file transfer speeds. If you have large data sets moving between the systems, wireless is not too good, especially G. Maybe an N setup would be OK, and you would want to have one access point per about 10 computers, maybe less.