Question Wireless PC camera suggestions

Feb 23, 2020
I am looking for a camera solution for a software project I am working on & looking for suggestions on what is available. The software is a picture framing visualization application. I just need to take a picture of a customer's artwork then use that picture to design the framing. I do not need any audio, speakers or mic. I would prefer something with a minimum 1080p resolution, and a decent viewing angle around 90-110 degrees.

I am looking for a wireless camera that will show up in Windows just like a USB connected camera. My app can currently pick up a USB connected camera. I don't want to have to use a secondary application to view the camera.

For example, I tried a EZVIZ C1C camera and it requires their PC software (EZVIZ Studio) to view the camera. It does not show up under devices on the PC, therefore my app does not detect a connected camera.

However, I have used an Android app called DroidCam, which connects my Android phone over wifi and uses the phone's camera. This works in my application perfectly, but using an Android device just is just overkill for what I need. There is also the complication of keeping the application running on the Android device and having to connect through the Droidcam application on the PC.

DroidCam says it connects as an "IP camera". Would any "IP camera" connect the way I have described?

Worst case I can just get a USB webcam and run a long USB cable but I really want a wireless solution.

Any suggestions would be great, thank you!


What you should do here is to make a phone or tablet app and use the picture taken by that. You said the goal was to take a picture of a customer's artwork, if it's their artwork for you to use this camera would involve carrying around the device with you to go to them or them to go with you, which adds a ton of extra cost and inconvenience unless the goal is to have customers within a small area from you. No one really wants to have a business setup with a customer base limited to who you can reach within a reasonable driving distance.

With a phone app, you can do a frame for someone in Italy or Alaska just as easily.

Use a phone app, installed on the customer's device, they take a picture of their art, the app will send you the picture, you do the thing you do to it, make the frame, frame gets sent out. Even if this is only for a school thing you still have a much larger market and using a known thing (Android or IOS phone/tablet) which makes the project more appealing for a grade.