Wireless range with extender - not extending into room with thick wall

Jan 9, 2019
Hi all,

I have limited knowledge in this area and, unfortunately, I would like a simple and "pretty" solution. I have a router and a range extender in my apartment but the wifi barely makes it into the bedroom due to the walls. I may get a single bar but it frequently drops to my mobile connection. I do not want to run wires between rooms. I was planning to get another router and extender for the bedroom alone but will that present a problem within the same apartment? or will it only be an issue for my devices to switch wifis when I am different rooms?
So what do you plan on hooking the new equipment to in the bedroom if you are not going to run wires. The new equipment can not receive a signal from the main router if you wifi is poor. Unless you mean you are going to have the ISP install another connection.....but that is running a new wire anyway.

You pretty much have to run some kind of wire. If you have coax cable for tv between the rooms you might consider MoCA device. The other option is powerline network. They use the electircal wires to carry signals and since you already have electrical wires you do not have to run new.

Both moca and powerline do not work in all buildings. They work for the vast majority of people but there are houses they don't work in. Very similar to how wifi does not work well in your house because of the walls but other people with other types of walls it works fine for.

Just be sure you buy from someplace that has a return policy so if your house does not work with the equipment you can return it.