Question Wireless repeater and Access Point (two different devices)

Aug 7, 2019
Hello everybody,

I am struggling to find the best solution for my network, but googling or searching here inside the forum, I didn't find that (if this has been already discussed and I missed that, I apologize).

I try to explain the situation. I have to little problems:
I am in a new apartment, and the router is placed in a non-central place of that. I cannot put in another place, and the WiFi signal in my office is not the best.
So, I definitely need a WiFi repeater that extends the signal.

In the mean time, in my office, I have the need to work with a device that can't be connected to the WiFi, since it's not equipped of a WiFi adapter, only a Ethernet adapter. So, I would need an Access Point that provides the internet connection from the wireless to wired.
An Access Point would be perfect.

I know that some devices can be both WiFi Repeater + Access Point.
But if I put that on the desk of my office, I would solve the issue of the non-wireless device, but this repeater there, it would have difficult to catch the best signal, and this function would be useless.
Of course I would need a second repeater to put maybe in a central place of the flat.

This would fix anyway all the issues, but it sounds to me like a waste of money.
The perfect thing would be, in my opinion, to get a WiFi repeater in a central area, and a second device that acts only as Access Point (no repeater) on my desk, catching the WiFi signal (which finally extended and improved) and providing that to an Ethernet port.

Am I saying bulls***s? If yes, sorry... :D
Do you have any suggestions? Maybe other simpler solutions, or cheaper?

Thanks to all in advance.
Aug 7, 2019
Consider powerline adapters.

Google for more information about powerline adapters, the requirements, and how to go about setting them up.
Thanks for the fast reply.
I’ve never considered that, just heard about it some times ago.
However, from my understanding, these act as a bridge, using the electrical wiring, but it doesn’t extend he WiFi signal.
I need to extend the signal mainly for my office, where I use the laptop, but, yeah, in that way I may connect the laptop to the powerline and have a wired connection.
But next to my office I have a bedroom and I used to watch streaming tv using the Amazon FireStick, that can be connect only to WiFi. And this is one of the reasons why I would extend the signal.

Do you think I should go for the powerline AND the WiFi repeater?


I think the option would be powerline > access point but I am not sure about the full layout.

Repeaters reduce bandwidth.

The powerline adapters would serve as the ethernet connection between the router and the access point.

And the access point could be used as a repeater.

Quick references:

The terminology can get a bit mixed up and confusing - just be aware of that beforehand.

Go to the manufacturer's websites and find the User Guides/Manuals. The User Guides often have setup diagrams and looking at the diagrams in advance will help you decide what combination will meet your requirements.

Plan it out, include hardware and connections, post accordingly. There may be other ideas and suggestions.
Aug 7, 2019
Hi guys,

Thank you so much for all your replies.
Well, today I just remembered that in the past I was subscribed to Sky (TV on demand service). I had the MySky HD, a second Sky HD decoder and a Sky Link, which is a pure Access Point to make a bridge and connect the second decoder to internet.

When I interrupted the contract, I was forced of course to give back both decoders, but not the Sky Link!
Today I searched for it in my storage and I found that.
However, since the configuration of this AP was done using the decoder and the Sky interface, I had no idea how to configure it. So, I launched the Wireshark, I discovered the dynamic IP address set to this AP, I accessed via browser to it and set it up to connect to my Wifi connection (I also disabled the DHCP and set up a static address).
Et voilà - I have my Access Point on my desk, totally for free :D

Well, this is not a Wifi repeater, so I fixed just one of my two problems.. However I guess I will buy a simple Repeater to put in the middle of the apartment, and then it's done, with a purchase of around 20-25 CHF ;)

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I really appreciated.
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