Wireless Router Made Wired Only


Apr 17, 2012
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Recently I was moved to South Korea by military orders, I'm stuck using the local internet. I'm currently living in a dorm with around 100 other people. Currently according to the inSSider program I just installed and tried using to switch my router's channel to 1/6/11 to avoid frequency interferences there are 31 other routers within my range. Also nearly everyone has cellular phones and also microwaves.

My problem:

While using my wireless router WGR614v9 I am frequently disconnected(random times) due to "limited access?". On average it takes about 5-10 minutes for the router to seem to broadcast the signal again. I usually will just be using one networking item. My laptop, very rarely will I be on my xbox and my laptop.

What I've done to prevent it:

Switches from channels 1/6/11 and still I get frequent disconnects due to "limited access". Moving my router around the room.

What I'm trying to achieve:

Uninterrupted internet access. I'm trying to find a way if any to set my wireless router to be a wired only router, it has 4-5 lan drops in the back for me to use. I'm willing to go to a all wired network if it means no more interrupted internet, it makes for skyping much easier and less frustrating. But when I tried to use my router as a wired router only, it still seemed to get disconnected frequently. I'm trying to determine if it's the router? The interferences from other routers/microwaves/phones? I've also thought about buying a N router and broadcast it at the 5GHZ frequency. But my laptop has only a b/g networking adapter in it, and I've been told having the N router broadcast in b/g would be the 2.4ghz frequency would prove to be worthless for me. Any help would be much appreciated!


It sounds like your total bandwidth at peak times is inadequate, I know probably not something that you can control. When using wired only you get a pretty good idea of what the optimal speeds are on the network -- wireless may slow you down, but if you want to use it with so many wireless neighbors 5GHz would help although you need a 5GHz capable router AND adapters. Bottom line, if the wired connection are not adequate, no wireless will improve that situation.

Don't know if you have any alternatives like Clear available there, but if not you will just have to live with the quality that you have.

Thanks for your service.


Can you discuss the issue with whoever controls the primary router? If you could convince them that some services -- i.e the ones you want like Skype -- should have priority over other stuff, especially torrents, they may be willing to set QoS rules to prioritize the preferred uses. Just a thought.