Wireless speed problems windows 7


Apr 10, 2012
I recently did an upgrade to my system- new m/b ASUS M5A97- pros AMD FX 4500- 16GB Ram 120 Corsair SSD HD - TB Seagate HD- Vid GF 420GX- Windows 7P- pci e n adpt- Lightning Cable.
I have had the cable co out twice and changed the modem to a g wireless Ubee. At peak I can only get a
20 meg to my system showing 5 bars over the past month. cable says I should be getting 30m with this Ubee.
with motarola should get 40m. In the last few days my speed has dropped to under ten with today showing a whooping 3.4. I have an core i7 LT in the same room getting 20m today. bottleneck is in my computer forsure.
Have adjusted beacon speed to 60 which brought the speed back to 20m last time I had the prob. I need some fresh eyes on this if anyone can help.
G is rated for 54mb MAX, with nothing else on the wireless channel, perfect everything, no overhead. Each wireless connection to the router pretty much halves the speed, and the overhead, error correction, any interference, should bring that down a bit more. 20mb seems actually right for a wifi G connection, in the real world. Dropping speeds can be caused by many things, try changing the default channel on the router maybe. I have suggested that in the past and it worked for a few people.