Question Wireless speeds


Jun 25, 2016
I found myself unable to go to my mobile banking app on monday. A neighbor who had the password also. After investigation I found I could not get to any website. It was slow and unresponsive. I have a PC wired to the router and only use WiFi for the mobile and the tablet. After getting nowhere with the bank or talk talk. I left it. The tablet does work though. On mobile it says CONNECTED. I ran some speed tests on my tablet and got speeds of between 12 and 34 Meg. Slower on mobile when I can get anything. The router is about 9 months old. I can switch it off for a while then back on. sometimes I get something. Webpages do eventually appear.

When I try the banking app it says problems with internet. This maybe down to the speed being too slow for the server and it times out. I go to the router on my PC. There used to be channels to select from but I don't see this on my router which is connected to a fiber to the home box. The router does not have a model but the label says sagemcom.

Should say the wired PC gives me 960 meg on the same speed test


Bit hard to sort out what is happening here, you talk about mobile app, then about mobile, tablet and PC. What is happening on what device and how is everything connected? Is everything on the house WiFi going through your ISP or are some things using the phone data plan? What works what does not work? Does the internet connect on everything or only some things, if some things how are those things connected and to what connection? PC working ok to get online? Tablet OK to go online, phone OK to go online? How far away are things from the router if you are on wireless? You can try the connection at a friends house to see if issue is with your router or not.