Question Wireless usb adapter auto connecting and disconnecting

Apr 7, 2020
Hello, i know this was asked many times but i didn't find a solution.
My problem is i got a wireless usb adapter first time using it.
Using it on my laptop lenovo z50-70 which has 3 usb ports (2 usb 2.0 and 1 usb 3.0)

The problem is every time i plug the usb into the laptop it goes into a connecting and disconnecting loop.
I noticed it only works on usb 3.0 (with connecting and disconnecting also) but it may connect
When i try it with usb 2.0 the connecting and disconnecting loop never ends
I can say the usb ports are working fine because i use my mouse and usb flash drive with no problem.
I tried all solutions related to power saving with network drivers & usb but no result

The adapter i'm using is Qtech netq-5000
I tested it with another laptop with no usb 3.0 and it works fine
I tried uninstalling and re-install network drivers which didnt help

And also when it works on usb 3.0 if it moved or touched it, it may disconnect.
But i noticed it disconnects more when i download something.
So i don't know exactly what causes this issue.

Again my laptop is lenovo z50-70
Network driver is : qualcomm atheros AR956x
The adapter is using : 802.11n usb lan card

Thanks in advance
Apr 7, 2020
now it's connected and working fine,
no idea what happened & don't know if i changed something, all i done is the same thing i did before which is
removed drivers and installed it again , unchecked the power saving for network and usb drivers and that's it
i guess it's not completely fixed , but better than nothing