Wireless WiFi Extender, Router as Access Point, Wired / Wireless, little confused.


Jan 10, 2017
Morning all, I have Verizon Fios with the Verizon modem/router in the basement with all of my A/V/Computer equipment. I need to extend the range of my wireless signal and little confused as to what I need. I already have CAT6 cable running throughout the house and homeruned to the basement area. I think the best way would be to run a CAT cable to an extender vs. using a wireless signal extender, but I'm confused as to what I actually need. I noticed that many of the wireless/wifi extenders are actually just wireless, and pass through the data therefore slowing it down some degree. My other concern is I want a seemless wifi signal, vs multiple SSIDs (do I just have to name them the same) So my question:
1) Is there a WiFi extender that is hardwired to the main router/modem?
2) Would I just buy a router and make it into an access point?
3) Would verizon Wifi extender be best bet (that is connected via Coax)?

Any guidance or clarification on what is the best route would be appreciated.



Apr 15, 2013

1. Yes. It is called an access point and it is connected via eithernet.
2. Yes in most cases you can and it will work very well. Asus routers have a AP mode setting built in, as do some others. Less expensive routers will require some changes to the settings. Look at the sticky post on the top of this forum. You can also buy entry level commercial ceiling mount access points relatively cheaply. But that would require additional wiring.
3. Don't know. But as long as you have eithernet around....stick to the common products and you'll find it easier to get help.