Wireless/wired connection issue


I'm well versed in computers and decent in networking, which is why this baffles me.

I have a Linksys WRT160N (single band) router running dd-wrt 19xxx.
Desktop has Linksys WMP600N (dual band) PCI eth adapter (5GHz turned off)
HTPC connects via Realtek onboard controller hardline to gigabit switch to 10/100 ports on the 160N
Charter internet 30mbit connection

Here's the deal... was watching youtube with the fam on the HTPC. Started DLing 5-6 torrents simultaneously on the desktop. The HTPC froze on the youtube stream (not the computer, just the buffering and playing of videos).

I was using about 1.1-1.5 MB between all the torrent streams, so hypothetically I should have about .5-1 MB (accounting for overhead) left in my pipe, not to mention that the HTPC is hard wired.

So why the snot was my wireless adapter superseding the hard wire? Usually (always) before it was my wireless that suffered, never a hard wired machine.