Question Wiring multiple rooms for Ethernet

May 24, 2019
I have recently moved in to a new house (Ireland, so internet wiring and delivery may differ )
I have internet supplied to the house via a standard phone line which is in turn connected to a modem/router.
Each room in the house is wired with cat6 cable and terminate in an office, this is also where router is.
As we have smart TVs and Xboxes and some other bandwidth heavy stuff I want to wire an ethernet point in each room.
The sockets are there and wired but what I need to know is how to easily wire the 8 cables coming from the rooms to my router.
Would a patch panel work ?,
Wiring all cables to the panel and having just one patch lead going to the output of the router or it that too simplistic !.
Any help appreciated.


Most modem/router combos only allow for a few devices to be connected. If you have more than just a few, then you'll want to add either a switch or a patch panel (your choice). This video would probably give you the info on what you need, but the most basic set up would be one Ethernet cable from the modem/router to a switch and then Ethernet cables from the switch to each room where you need one or more Ethernet ports.

-Wolf sends