Wirless/wired network ??? with verizon fios


Jul 29, 2004
So the included router (Actiontec MI424WR Rev F) is wireless G and does not have gigbit ethernet. I am trying to set up my network for the best speeds possible. I plan on having wired connections to my HDTV (Panasonic tc-p60st30) and Xbox and wireless to my laptop.

Can I buy a 802.11n router with gigabit ethernet and set this up with the existing router provided (I have fios cable and internet and my understandning is I need the actiontec router to supply the guide information for the TV)? If so how? Having trouble locating information on this.



Yes you should be able to. I would turn off wireless on the existing router and only use the DHCP on it. You could also disable the DHCP on the existing router and use the DHCP on the new router if you plug everything into it. As for the guide info, I don't know. If need be, plug the tv into the actiontec router and then plug everything else into the new router. You would then use the dhcp on the actiontec and turn off dhcp on the new router. You would also connect the actiontec router to a normal LAN port, not the WAN port on the new router. This will make it act like a switch. You could also just get a gig switch and an AP instead of a full wireless router, although the cost for the two will probably be the same or more than just the gig router.