Question With laptop connected to projector via HDMI videos, some 4k videos dont lag, while some 1080p do.


Jun 19, 2015
So when I connect my laptop to my tk800 projector, some videos lag extensively. While some videos play completely fine 4k, some lag during 1080p. Youtube live stream 100% dont work and nothing shows on projector at all. As soon as I disconnect the laptop from the projector the lag stops on my laptop monitor. I have tried two laptops and am experiencing the same issue. I tried switching from chrome to edge, the same lag still exists; however, live stream videos this time do show on the projector but is still choppy. Also I used the hdmi wire they gave in the benq box, and it was much worse than what I described above. The result described above was after switching to a random hdmi wire I found in the house. This leads to me to think that the issue lies in the wire, but that doesn't make sense why some 4k videos play right while some 1080p dont. Also this is a manufacture refurbished projector. Thanks