Question WOL only partially works - - have exhausted all options


Sep 22, 2013
Wasn't sure if I should put this in MB or Networking, since it somewhat pertains to both. Posted in MB due to verifying that the concept mostly functions.

So I've been trying to setup WOL for a couple weeks now, and I can't seem to find the right answer in getting my ASUS B450-I Strix to cold boot using a Magic Packet. I can successfully turn the device on when it is in a Sleep State (S3), but I cannot get a reaction out of Hibernation (S4) nor Soft Off (S5). I know my settings are correct from the application I use to send the Magic Packet to the computer, but there seems to be a BIOS setting or similar that I'm missing to get it to work how I would like. Some other things I've tried were forwarding port 9 to this computer, Enabling "Allow PCIe to Power on Device" in BIOS, and enabling S4 and S5 states.

In a Microsoft Article on Power States, there is a note that states, "WOL is not officially supported from soft off (S5). However, the BIOS on some systems may support arming NICs for wake, even though Windows is not involved in the process." This statement and other articles around the web lead me to believe that this can be possible, but I do not have any undeniable proof that this can function.

Any input would be highly appreciated. Thank you!