Wondering how I can limit Netflix bandwidth on home network


Feb 4, 2017
Hey guys, i'm sure this question has been asked a million times, but when googling i can never fully make sense of the answers as i am not very savy on networks/internet connections. also people seem to have different opinions and solutions on basically every site ive checked.

Anyway, my question as in the title is how do i limit the bandwidth netflix uses? i have a basic home interent set up, with mainly just my laptop using the internet and then my sisters smart TV when she is home watching netflix. those are the only 2 real users. I have great ping, very low ms when she is not watching netflix, but when she is video play back is very laggy unless i take the quality down to low, and game playing is a complete no-go.

so i am just wondering how i can reduce the bandwidth her smart tv uses when netflix is on, because it seems ridiculous to me that it would hog 80-90% of the network and make playing games impossible.

if anyone knows anything that can even helpout just a little that would likely help me.

thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to respond!!