[SOLVED] Wondering If Something Has Been Damaged

Jun 30, 2021
I am new to pc gaming, apologies in advance for if I am being noob/dumb.

I hope you are all doing well. I am writing this just to inquire, well the thing is I am using UPS for my pc, electricity in my area went away last night, and the UPS kicked in and I was gaming at that time (dragon age inquisition) at the time outage happened, the UPS which has successfully kicked in the past like 4-5 times, failed to do so like in the sense that it missed or flickered due to which my led went black & my pc had restarted and my gaming session was lost, now I have been going crazy wondering if this has damaged my PSU which is corsair gold rated rm750x PSU, please let me know if any damage or potential damaged has occurred to my PSU or any other component.

Eagerly waiting for reply or any guidance.

P.S I am sorry for any grammatical mistakes as English is not my first language.

Following are my specs;
Ryzen 7 3700x
RX 580 4gb
ASUS Tuf x570 With Wifi
16 GB 3600 RAM
1tb Nvme SSDs
Win 10 Home Edition as OS
I wouldn't suspect damage from that.
I think that the UPS probably couldn't pick up the slack (for whatever reason).
I don't think the fact that it dropped out hurt the Corsair at all.
The Corsair is designed to take voltage drops on the supply side.