Wont boot past POST Bios.


Mar 18, 2012
So my computer is a custom build older but havent really needed to upgrade. 2 days ago I was playing Kingdom of amalur: reckoning, game started to slow down so usually when that happens I need to close it and re-open it. But I decided to just quit. After that I left my desktop on and went to look on something with my laptop. Went back to my computer half a hour later and it was still running kind of sluggish so I opend up my task manager to see what was making my computer snail.
One of my SCVhosts was running at 800k memory. So I ended the process and left my computer alone went back to my laptop. About a hour-ish later my desktop beeps at me, I thought it was my Imagination then it beeped again. I go back to my desktop it takes a minute to load past the screen saver, really sluggish I open up my ask manager and one of the SCVhosts was running at 2500k!!!
Okay so I closed it again, and turned off my computer.
Next day when I go to boot my system it does the base bio's check/system but will not boost past POST. Iv tryed resetting cmos by pulling my battery out and putting it back it. Unplugged all my devices and plugged them back in, sprayed everything off with compressed air but it still hangs.

My Mboard is a
p5kse ASUS a little older now
Graphic card a nvidia 9800
i belive 2 1 gig sticks of DDR 2
A not so amazing 160gig western digital HD.
and core 2 duo 2.83 intel chip
Windows XP Pro
I dont really have anything to unplug to test if its my power supply because my mboard does not have a on board graphic card.

But from what iv been reading online its either my power supply or motherboard but IDK which..