Question Wont go to sleep on its own but will sleep fine when told to

As some of the older users will know I've been around for a while and know my way around Google and read up on how to trouble shoot my own things and will help others but now Win 10 has thrown me a curve ball that I just cant seem to find the culprit without a bit of guidance.

Issue: Win 10, ver. 2004, fully updated refuses to enter S3 or S4 (sleep mode) on its own but when told to through the OS it will enter both S modes and stay there till a wake command, either USB Hub or Windows update, requests the system to wake. Monitors wont even enter power saving mode.

Powercfg -requests : found one issue - Windows update was not working proper and a restart of the service was needed. Updated system no other issues found since.

Powercfg -devicequery wake_armed : HID keyboard device and Hid keyboard device 006 is all that is allowed to wake the system. All other devices are set to not wake the system through Device Manager.

Powercfg -energy : has 10 errors. 9 dealing with USB hubs not entering selective suspend mode and 1 dealing with the processor using a high amount during the test. 5.56% is the usual amount is spits out. Steam, Epic, AfterBurner and Corsair Link are the big culprits there. The 9 errors are from not allowing the selective suspend through the device manager but when allowed the errors change to they enter and exit multiple times during the test so no big deal there.

Windows is set to turn the monitor off at 15 mins and sleep at 30 mins changing this setting has no effect.
In advanced options of the power settings Multi media is set to allow the computer to sleep, Slide show is Paused.
I have unplugged all peripherals including mouse and keyboard and still will not enter sleep.
Graphics driver is the latest released AMD 20.9.2
All other drivers : Asus, Creative, Razer, Logitech, LG and Samsung are on the newest releases.
Network Adapter is set to not wake the system.
All user programs like, Steam, Epic, Origin, MSI afterburner, Asus AI suite, Razer synapse, Corsair link have been stopped with no change.

At this point I am at a loss other than Microsoft has another bug they added into the OS with 2004 because it was fine before this update.

Any suggestions on what to look at next is appreciated and thanks for your time to read through the long diagnosis processes performed.

Current system specs:
Asus Sabertooth 990FX
AMD FX 8350 @4.8
Corsair H100iGTX
G.Skill Ares 4x4GB @ 1866
Creative Sound Blaster Xtreme Gamer - Sound card
Seasonic X850
Lite on DVD/CD

Kinston V300 120GB -OS
OCZ Vetex 3 60GB
Seagate Barracuda 2TB
Seagate Barracuda 1TB
WD Blue 500GB
Hitachi Deskstar 500GB

G.Skill KM780 MX - keyboard
Razer DeathAdder elite -mouse
Logitech Quick cam- mic
Samsung C27F396FH - monitor
LG EW224 - monitor