Won't load Windows Repair CD after leaving bios


Oct 26, 2017
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My hard drive died, but I have backed everything up on an external hd. I built a new computer using an Asus motherboard with a Rizen 8 core CPU. In bios, all of my drives are recognized, but it tells me I have no bootable drives. I have a Windows 7 repair disc in one dvd drive and a recovery disc I made myself in the second drive.

At first, the repair disc booted, but my mouse and keyboard didn't work. Now if I go to boot override and choose one of the dvd drives, it begins to load, then the screen goes black and the computer goes to sleep.

I really need to get this to work. I have no experience working with bios. I sure could use some help.

The drives are recognized, but they won't finish the booting process. Launch CSM is enabled. Boot device control is UEFI and Legacy OPROM. All others are Legacy. I've tried OS type UEFI and other OS. Neither make it work.

I get the screen that shows Windows files ate loading. Then I get the screen that says copyright Microaoft Corporation. The progress bar starts working, and then everything freezes.

I have screen grabs I can post or email if that helps. Thanks.