Question Won't power on unless I reseat new battery and new CMOS battery... then all is good until I turn it off.

Nov 10, 2022
My beloved ASUS Q502L - recently replaced the battery (within last yr or so), and upgraded to win 10 - running great when I can get it to turn on.
Intel(R) CORE(TM) i5 - 4210UCPU @ 1.7 GHZ 2.40 GHZ
64 Bit
WIN10 22H2
OS Build 19045.2251

Ok My ASUS recently would not turn on. I could see the charging light was on, but it was otherwise dead.
I took it apart:
Took the battery out... cleared it for static - nothing
Took CMOS battery out - cleared it for static - nothing

Went got a voltage meter, psu is charging fine ( did not check the port though - it's soldered in)
at the same time got a new CMOS Battery... BOOM - it is up and running YAY....

Turn off the computer after running and using it for a bit.... BAMM back to the same issue... BUT at least if I take it apart and reseat the battery and CMOS battery and put it back in it works...

So... Any suggestion on how to fix or what it might be so that I don't have to keep doing this???
Power Button Control board??? (any way to test this)
Some settings not clearing???? (any way to test this)
maybe the power supply port or how to test that when it's soldered in (I know that's not the proper name)

Recently upgraded from Win8 with Classic Shell to Win10 - and it is actually running better
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Nov 10, 2022
Thank you for the link it was not helpful though... Sorry thought I'd get some help here. When you say you suspect that there is a problem in the laptop are you referring to the mother board? Because otherwise that's very generic and not sure if you are being serious or not. Because obviously there is a problem or I would not be posting something. :(
Or is your response due to me being a female IT person?