Question Wooden case airflow calculation

Jan 8, 2020
Hello, everyone!
I am making my own TV console shelf with special PC compartment, that has a built in metallic frame where I can keep my gaming PC components.
What I cant wrap my head around is - will my Cooling be enough.
I am using thick 20mm Oak wood and the box itself is completely sealed with exception of 2 holes that are 30mm wide and 590mm long - one for Intake and one for Exhaust.
See plans and pictures attached.
I plan to mount 5 cooling fans inside that compartment just in front of intake hole to move air around.
Question is - how can i calculate, is the intake and exhaust holes big enough?
Plans -
Exploded view -

PC specs:
AMD Ryzen 2600 + stock Wraith Stealth cooler
Gigabyte 2060 OC windforce
Be Quiet SP 9, 500W
HyperX Predator DDR4 2x8GB
Adata SX8200 Pro 1TB m2

Fans used: 5 pcs - XFAN DEEPCOOL 120mm
Max. Air Flow: 43.56CFM
Case Interior cross-cut dimensions: 130mm x 630mm
Intake hole dimensions: 30mm x 590mm


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Nice work with the compartmentalization though you will need to understand that cold air is denser than hot air so, even though your drawings show that cold air is fed from the bottom, the hot air expelled will not go to the bottom, rather the top, meaning the notch needs to be cut at the top of the panel and not the bottom for the exhaust.

One way to deal with the issue is to have rear fans to assist with hot air expulsion but that might not be completely practical since hot air would still be at the top of that chassis. You could have some slats on the top panel where the pc is to act as venting but that would ruin the uniformity of the top.

I would also ask you to look at a minimal footprint ITX build/chassis like the Phanteks Shift which would complement the furniture you're making and leave all the reverse engineering needed to get a system into said furniture. Also you will need to factor in cleaning. Mechanical ventilation can and will force dirt/debris into nooks and cranny's. Both of which look like a problem in your design with a 30mm opening.
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Jan 8, 2020
Both of which look like a problem in your design with a 30mm opening.
Thanks for the detailed overview.
I forgot to mention, that the front of the TV console shelf acts like a door, that can be opened - in such case Have access to PC by just sliding the metallic FRAME out because it is mounted on Metalic drawer slides.

Overall - In the beginning, the idea about adding extra fans at the back to improve hot air expulsion seemed feasible, but then I understood that there is not enough space because of the cables.

So, the only way to be sure is to add right power cooling fans in the front so that they have enough power to push out hot air.
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