Question Word 2016 asking to save changes to global template

Dec 17, 2019
I have a few users on O365 running the latest version of the office apps and a lot of the time when they open a word doc it will tell them it's been opened in read only mode because another user has it open (the other user is always them, ex if John opens it, it will tell him John is already using it so it's read only). And when saving / closing the document, it will say changes have been made to the global Normal.dotm template and ask to save them or not. I have tried renaming the template so it makes a new one, I have tried deleting it all together, I have tried completely removing and re-installing office, and I have tried making sure the checkbox that enables that prompt is unchecked, and have gone through, checked it, restarted word, and then unchecked it. The users did have folder redirection enabled but it was disabled to see if anything would change and that didn't fix it either. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated