Question Word processor program with context menu in new folder?


Sep 30, 2014
I wanted an alternative to office and libre office, which allows you to open a new document from the context menu in a folder, the same as in office and libre, which allows you to create documents in folders, without having to open the program and save in the selected folder. Also any program for that?

there is a lack of good programs that include this option in the context menu, which is very practical.
I can only use office, libre and notepad. the rest just opening the program and opening a new file, which gets in the way.


Not sure that I fully understand the requirements.

However, my impression is that the requirement is if you open a folder that contains (for example) .txt files then Notepad will open for you.

Likewise for a folder with .doc or .xls meaning that opening the folder would open/launch either Word or Excel respectively.

You could probably write some script, macro, or code to do so - likely cumbersome. Still likely that a click would be necessary barring having code running in the background....

My suggestion is to create a simple template in the folder.

For example, create a file named TemplateNotepad. txt in the Notepad folder.

Create the necessary file association between .txt and Notepad.

Then when you click the TemplateNotepad.txt file the system will open Notepad.

Do your work, rename, and "Save As" the file accordingly.

The following link may prove helpful:
Is this feature what you're looking for?


The only alternative I bothered is OnlyOffice, but I don't know if they have the same feature


Sep 30, 2014
ok, I was able to create a document and copy and paste and change the name. so you can create files without having to use the new context menu.
I could do it, even if it's more DIY, but thanks for the simple solution.
thank you very much.
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Maybe considering using an alternative to the OS instead of focus on each application, about features that isn't related to the app but actually the OS. That way, you may get it a work flow that better suits your needs.

The Windows OS hasn't really made it a straightforward way for users to manipulate the list in the "new file" right click menu.
  • You have to teach yourself using the registry, and then need to figure out how the file types are linked to the new-file-menu. You can have a file template, but have to be stored in a system directory. Doable yes, but cumbersome.
  • To my knowledge - all changes affect all local users on that computer.
  • Some windows programs like MS Office, does this in a especial complicated way - if you want to remove it from the list, there is many different registry keys that have to be deleted (with the risk that is) scattered seemingly all over the registry.

In most Linux distros, a very different approach is being used:
  • In the home directory for each users, there is a sub folder called Templates.
  • Whatever you put into this folder, will become available in the right-click-menu --> Create New Document in your file manager (and desktop - on some desktop systems but not all).
  • In that folder, you can put whatever document. No rules, actually - you're allowed to put several files of the same type.
  • You can therefore make sub folders to get a structure that is useful for the user.
  • This is very easy to manage, has being helpful for me several times.

Disclaimer: I don't expect OP to jump head first into switching to Linux and this become the "solution", but occasionally I post like this to inform potential readers that have never touch any OS but Windows that there is potentially good alternatives out there.