Work Group Autentication


Aug 21, 2012
I have a site that I manage, that uses Work Groups.A Terminal Server and Application server is on the Work Group. We have approximately 30 users logging in on the terminal server. Users log onto a terminal server , where the client software of our product is installed. The client uses Miicrofocus CCITP to connect to the application server. The login in method on to the box is via a local account on both the application server and the terminal server. The account and password is the same for both. The data is kept on a apllication server using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 r2. the same local account that is used on the terminal and app server is specified in SQL server. The client and app server runs with no problems but as soon as a crystal report is run then it asks for authentication. Does any body have an Idea why???
Just a guess, but perhaps Crystal Reports was installed under an Administrator account and given only access to administrators. I'm sure you've seen those installations where you're asked should the app/service be available to just YOU, or EVERYONE. It’s easy to blow by that setup screen in your haste to install and not realize the default is usually just YOU (the installer).