How To (Workaround/Temp Fix) Screen Goes Black & GPU Fan at 100% Speed

Oct 9, 2019
UPDATE: This was supposed to be a discussion thread but since my workaround is not mentioned in any forum/YT video whatsoever, I changed the thread prefix to "How To". Just go to the bottom of this post and you'll see the workaround. Cheers! 🆒

I noticed many people have this issue and have created individual threads on it. It would help everyone facing this issue to just have all potential working solutions and attempts on solving the problem in a single thread.

My Computer Specs:
Intel Core i3 6100
Crucial DDR4 4GB RAM
Crucial DDR4 8GB RAM
Zotac GTX 1060 3GB
Corsair VS450 (450W) PSU (Now VS550)

Bought the whole rig (except 4 GB RAM) back in November 2016. I never experienced this issue throughout 2016, 2017, 2018 but 2019. Since I listened to many people on this + this video's comment section and here itself to replace the PSU, I bought Corsair VS550 and after 3 days I experienced black screen with GPU at 100% speed! Many people seem to be blaming the PSU, saying it is not "good enough" and must go for like fricking 650W PSU if not 1000W for a mid-range rig. That's overkill and definitely not the solution.

Here's what I did so far:
1. Replaced Thermal Paste of GPU
2. Replaced Thermal Paste of CPU
3. Reconnected PCI-e Connector
4. Switched Power Outlet Points
5. Replaced PSU
6. Downgraded GPU Drivers
7. Downgraded Motherboard BIOS
8. Switched Power Saving Modes
9. Changed Motherboard's Power Saving Features
10. Increased/Decreased power limit, core clock, mem clock in MSI After Burner
11. Removed 4GB RAM (First RAM slot seems to be malfunctioning so the 8GB is inserted on the 2nd slot, and originally that's how my rig was without ever occurring this issue.)

These are all the tips and tricks that I found around the internet and actually applied them. For some people, replacing GPU worked. And for others, replacing PSU worked (at least that's what they said. Not sure if they said it after observing for weeks if not months). Nothing seemed to work for me and I keep wondering again and again why only in 2019 I'm experiencing this among with many other people? Not trying to start a conspiracy theory, just want a logical reason so that I can get rid of this constant fear of my GPU stops giving input to my Monitor.

Additional Info:

Exact Behaviour: The screen turns off as the monitor acts like there's no input given to it. GPU starts running fast and noisy instantly (compared to increasing Fan Speed in After Burner, it takes 5-6 seconds to become noisy at 100%). The PC cabinet's + CPU's + GPU's fan keeps on running. The cabinet's power LED stays on like usual and disk usage LED keeps blinking like usual. The keyboard's Num Lock and Caps Lock Light remains constant (if off, it stays off. If on, it stays on) like the PC is actually crashed and is not accepting inputs.

Alternate Behaviour (rare): The screen turns off as the monitor acts like there's no input given to it. GPU however, doesn't make noise. The PC cabinet's + CPU's + GPU's fan keeps on running. The cabinet's power LED stays on like usual and disk usage LED keeps blinking like usual. The keyboard's Num Lock and Caps Lock Light toggle normally like the PC is accepting inputs.

Colored text just to highlight difference.

When does it happen: Some people said they experienced this during gaming exclusively and some said even while casually browsing the web. To me, I don't even have to do anything. It has occurred on Win 10's lockscreen, desktop (no program running), browsing via Brave Browser and playing games (Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, Minecraft) Which makes me believe it has nothing to do with software (but I can totally be wrong on this) so in order to be 100% sure, I did something that I suggest nobody should ever do but I am genuinely becoming desperate, crazier and depressed day by day because of this. I pulled the PCI-e power cable out of the GPU while the PC was running and guess what, BLACK SCREEN AND GPU FAN AT 100%!

Probability of happening: Occurred Twice on 10/8/2019 while browsing and just logging in to my Win 10 account. And on 10/6 and 10/7, didn't black out at all. I was browsing and video editing. On 10/10 while I was browsing the web, and the black screen, gpu fan 100% happened. I've been experiencing this since Beginning of September. No hardware change was made. Just in August I had bought another 8GB DDR4 RAM but received 4GB so I contacted the retailer and they apologised and refunded and told me to dispose the wrongly delivered product. Instead of throwing it away I started using it (free 4GB RAM yo!) but to be sure that it's not causing this issue since the first RAM slot of the mobo has issues, I'm with only 8GB now.

WORKAROUND: Very easy and very impactful. Simply go to your motherboard BIOS settings, change Integrated Graphics Configuration from PGI to IGA or something like that and disconnect the video cable from your GPU and plug it in your Motherboard. This won't fix your GPU going beserk outta nowhere but will prevent your PC from shutting down and it is good enough of a workaround especially for those whose GPU warranty is over and cannot buy another GPU just for doing normal/non-GPU intensive work. Because when you've tried so many things to fix the issue but if nothing works, it is probably the GPU which needs to be replaced.

Very very happy to find out about this simple workaround. And when the GPU fan spins at 100%, simply restart the PC on your own will or even going sleep mode for few seconds will work just fine (will make the fan speed normal) but until you don't restart, software like your games and Afterburner won't detect your GPU even though it is running/spinning so keep that in mind.
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