Worked Once, now nothing



I have just upgraded my CPU cooler, whilst doing so I did slightly scratch the back of the motherboard. I then put it all back together, it worked fine. Then I decided to cable tie up the new coolers cable, but it caught on the fan because I was stupid and tried doing it powered up. Luckily enough though it was fine, and no damage done. I then shut it down, tied the cable up out of the way, restarted, and nothing. Fans all come on, everything seems to be fine, but nothing on the monitor. I have tried a different monitor, different graphics card, reseated all the RAM (2 at a time).
I am really worried, it's a working PC for music production.


I have tried the old cooler again, incase their was an internal break to the cable, but I'm getting the same problem.

The cooler come on OK, LED lights up and cooling fan spins (suggesting that the cable survived) but I am having the same problem with both coolers.

When I disconnect the monitor, the monitor comes up "no signal", when I plug it back in it goes back to blank. The green power LED on the monitor flashes (as if the PC is off), this stays flashing (as if the PC is off) though, even when it powers up. (If any of this helps).

Many thanks.

Man rule number 1 never touch anything in your case while it is powered up ive heard of so many people wrecking motherboards by putting there hands in there case with the power on. sounds to me that you might of shorted something out. One thing more that you can try clear the CMOS eithier take the battery out for a couple minutes or use the jumpers to clear it see if that helps. Also did you try just useing one stick of ram to power up.

Try this too take every connection in your case disconnect every wire then put them all back one by one makeing sure they all snug if that dont work might be the motherboard or the processor. You coulda dislodged the heatsink a lil when you did that and it might of fried the CPU. But try all that see what happens yoiu never know.


Thanks for the advice, but unfortuantely i've had no success.

I don't think that the damage was done during the time it was running (on). I installed the cooler, had it stress testing for a while, it appeared to be fine so decided to tie up the cable. After I caught the fan with the cable I realised I was being stupid to do so whilst the PC was on. So (it was still fine at this point) I then shut it down (no problems shutting down).

I unplugged it, tied up the cable, I definately seen the coolers thin metal heat sinks shift a little as my clumbsy hands struggled to fit between the case, cooler and fan, but it moved back as I moved my hand out (ie it sort of give a little bit for the moment), so in theory, all should be good, I switch it back on and got nothing on the monitor.

The green light on the motherboard is on and stable, the hard drives sound OK, if it was the scratch on the back of the motherboard then surely it wouldn't work at any time after it scratched, but in this case it did start up first time.

(I'm trying to get as much info up on here as I can while it's fresh in my head).

Then as you said I unplugged everything, plugged it all back in, same problem.

I've (since your last post) tried just one RAM in there, and no luck.

If there is anything else you think of I'd really appreciate it.

Also, I'm starting to think I've ruined my motherboard, my processor or both. If needs must, would people mind thinking about what would be a good motherboard and/or processor combination to replace mine with.

Asus A8V Deluxe
AMD 64x2 4400+ Dual Core
4x 512MB DDR RAM PC3200 - 400mHz

I could not cope with any less power, I'm struggling as it is.

(less relevant details):
Hard drives are SATA Seagate Barracudas (I use 3 at the moment but was going to buy a fourth). They're using jumpers at the moment to slow them down to suit the boards limitations.
Graphics is ATI Radion 9250 (AVG, I wouldn't mind if i had to lose this and buy a PCIe model).
Everything else is through a firewire PCi, and USB PCi.

If it can't be fixed, and i need to spend, I will certainly want to upgrade, and get the full speed from my hard drives, and everybody on the board will certainly know more than myself.

So (my most desperate plees):

if it can be fixed, how? Suggestions are really appreciated because I can get back to work sooner.
If it can't be fixed, what should I buy to fix it better?

Kind regards, and many many thanks.
Asus A8V Deluxe thats an old board time for an upgrade anyway. I was gonna say try to see if it boots if you have inboard graphics but if i remeber correctly that dosen't. IMO upgrade time bro