Question Workgroup Information File is missing or Opened...

Jun 23, 2021
Error Code : run-time error 214721843 80040e4d
Workgroup information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user

This is my first post and i really need help with that. Sorry for my English. Not my native language

We are using an old program for registration. Coded with Visual Basic and using Microsoft Access and Excel for database. Only my PC can't run it. My system is: Core i5, 64 bit win10, 8gb ram. Other PC's are; i3, 64 bit win 10, 4 gb ram.

We have no source code so we can't access database queries. 10 years ago, a computer engineer had coded and now he is dead. Program is on Server pc and we are using on it. 4-5 pc can run it by connecting server pc.

All PCs are 64 bit and running Windows 10.

What I did?

Tried Compatible mode with win xp service pack 3 (other PCs can run it with compatible mode win xp sp3)
Tried to install access database engine 2010

I searched a lot of possible solutions and all of them about queries and database solutions. As i said, we don't have source codes cannot change queries. It is not installable program. We are just clicking and running from server. Just one exe file, 2 ocx file, xml and mdb files. I really need to use it from my pc, can't use other computers. What can I do for it? Thank You