Workhorse laptop upgrade

Jun 18, 2019
I currently have a Dell M4800 with 32GB RAM, an i7-4810MQ CPU, and a 4TB SSD. I like the form factor, keyboard, SATA bay for large storage, and screen resolution (3200 x 1800). I don't need an optical drive, and the numberpad is nice but not required. I rarely run it on battery.

I regularly use it for app and database development with full 16 GB VMs (HyperV) to run large databases (hence the memory and 4TB SSD). I'd like a new, faster CPU with more cores, and a 64GB RAM option for larger VMs. I want as good of a keyboard (not chicklet). GPU speed is not that important, it's not for gaming.

I've had a hard time finding much, as the M series went away in the name of thinness (I don't care) and keyboards suffered along with storage and many times, memory except for hard-core game laptops.

What do you all recommend? I plan to keep it for about 3 years, so a good warranty and parts availability (just in case) are important.


Lenovo P models, HP Z Books are good. Dell I have been not happy with for last 4 generations, they have too many motherboard, battery and screen issues, and went to USB C ports for everything which causes issues there since the docking station use tends to break the ports.

Unless you travel for work a lot, I would get a desktop and a normal laptop for use when traveling.