Workstation card and Graphics card at the same time?


Oct 5, 2011
Hi everyone, with BF3 on the way I was looking to use my workstation for a little gaming every now and then. I am currently using a T7500 Dell Precision. I have a Quardo FX 1800 installed and love the card and really do not want to switch it out since my rendering will take a hit. However I was thinking of installing a second card, but Im not 100% if it would work and if it does how it works. And I was thinking along the lines of a GTX 560/570. IF this does work will I have to disable one card in the device manager depending on the program I am using? Will just plugging my monitor into the card I want to use be enough? Side Question: For cpu Im running Dual Quad Core Processor E5506 2.13GHz,4M,4.8GT/s. Should I even bother with trying to run BF3 with something so low even if its 8 cores?