World of Warcraft FPS issues, need to upgrade

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Sep 18, 2010
Hello world of 'Tom's hardware' !

I am in urgent need of assistance, my computer can't run World of Warcraft (The only game I play on my PC), and I am running into a lot of problems, mainly FPS issues in the game. I've tried everything under the sun to try to fix it without using money, such as disabling unnecessary background programs, temporarily disabling Nod32 realtime scanner, etc.

I have a budget of $200 to upgrade 'Ye Old Computer', and since I know little how computers work, and you guys do this for fun, here is a little project you can do. It will help me and you, as well as the website, manufacturer, etc.

The only thing I want to do with this PC is have about, hmm, say at least 10 FPS in 25 man raids in World of Warcraft. But I would prefer getting 20+ FPS everywere. I will list all the info below, as well as check back to see if you guys need any additional info!

*Also I am running a computer from HP 'compaq presario PC' *
*I minorly upgraded it in the past, with this being Ram, WiFi, and GPU insertation
*I am running Windows Vista Home Edition 32x*

(From CPU-Z)

CPU- Intel Celeron 360 @ 3.46 GHz, 533 FSB

Motherboard- ECS Livermore,
Chipset 1.0 Intel i945G
Southbridge Intel 82801GB(ICH7/R)
American Megatrends Inc.
V. 5.12
Date 4/18/2007

RAM DDR2 4096 MB (4 gb)
DRAM Frequency- 200.0 MHz

GPU NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS
Core 500 MHz
Memory 690
Memory- 256 MBytes
Bus Width is 256 bits

(The Background programs, mouse, KB I run)
NOD32 Realtime Virus-Scanner
amBX (2.1 soundsystem from Philips)
Razer Naga (15 button mouse)
G110 (12-programmable keys)

*I would prefer AMD processors, since my budget is a little tight and I would love to save a little cash, and I care little about the price
* Prefer the cheapest retailer, shipping included. As well as a trustworthy website, such as Newegg or Amazon

Useful information:
Background Programs:
CPU-Z Screens:
Background screenshot- (I have 1 1900x1080 monitor, but when I hit printscreen it shows up all weird when I paste it in

In-game (World of Warcraft) here are the FPS's (Just incase you need to know):
Starter areas, outback questing areas, etc: 20 - 30 FPS
In Stormwind and Ironforge: 12- 15 FPS
Instances (heroic lvl 80): 12- 14 FPS
10 man raids: 4-6 when fighting bosses, 8-12 stationary
25 man raids: 0.5 - 2 when fighting bosses, 3-6 stationary

Some researching and experimenting I have done:
I have noticed a slight up in FPS in source (HL2 mods, CSS) games by using my old KB and mouse, the Saitek Eclipse II and Razer Diamondback. I have used my old KB in mouse, but there is no difference from my old mouse to my new one

AddOns: I use minimal for the game, nonetheless, all are considered safe and downloaded from trustworthy websites. I probably use, roughly, 12- 20 MBytes of memory for addons

Other Info:
*In game, I think it is the spell casting, effects, shiny armor with glow effects, and things like that might be slowing my computer down.
* Open spaces seem to affect performance.
* Looking up at graphical detail, and looking down at the ground where there is little detail, I notice that the FPS is about the same
* My Current Computer's website:

That is all the info I can think of right now, keep in mind the only thing I want to do on this PC is to play World of Warcraft, I don't play games like Crysis nor Farcry, or anything like that. Only WoW.

Bottom Line:

* I need to upgrade WoW to get more FPS.
* If I upgraded to X motherboard, would I need to reinstall windows, have my hard drive wipe, etc?
* Please explain why you think I need this part to help FPS, if you just throw X cpu at me, I'm going to be all consued
* I have read somewhere that GPU does not affect WoW performance, since it is mainly a game based on CPU, and I have a decent GPU
* Please, if you use charts, please post them.

Thank you!!!

If you need any more information from me, please post a reply in the comment section below, I would be more than happy to respond. I will check back here periodically.

By the way, to all you rockers out there, thank you so much in advance. I really, really appreciate it! What your doing is astounding, nontheless, and you are helping the community A TON! Thank you!!!! :D
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