World's #1 PC Vendor Sells More Tablets, Phones Than PCs

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Mar 29, 2011
While I get that there is little need for an article on only Chinese sold phones. Can we have one? Would be interesting to see what specs their phones have. I am sure Lenovo is not the only one that only supplies to the Chinese market.


Jul 16, 2009
"We leverage our PC sales channels to sell tablets"

This. Exactly what HP and Dell should be doing, using their dominant positions selling into the corporate workplace to flood their sectors with tablets, not toy Android or iPad, but workplace Windows tablets with a high value and profit margin - HP has gone AWOL on its Wintel background and Dell can't do anything whilst that buttmunch Icahn is screwing with Mike Dell's plans - this is where the Chinese start taking over, not because their products are better but because our companies have lost touch
Death to all creators of spambots. Should be an international law and worldwide bounties given for these POSs to hunt 'em all down and exterminate them like plague-carrying rats. I'd sign up yesterday.

Anyway back to this article: I'm seriously concerned about the long term prospects of desktop PCs in general. Having built my own gaming rigs for nearly 20 years, the way things are going towards the future - short attention span kids growing up with tablets, laptops, smart phones, and console gaming - I don't see the next generation even being interested in desktop PCs.


Considering that most people only want a device for Facebook / email, I can see this to be a trend. Why boot up a huge desktop when a tablet can do what they need to do? I do way too much typing to not have a desktop.


Jun 4, 2012
the company sold more smartphones and tablets than it did desktops for the first time ever

Not a particular useful statement, given that these are different type of devices. I get phones more often than PCs, so by lumping them in with tablets it makes it look like tablets are outselling PCs. They're basically trying to provide us with a self fulfilling prophecy.
That's strange, I didn't even know they even made smartphones or tablets???? when will this filter through to Australia? I do know the company i work for (Cxxxx) is going to be acquiring new Lenovo laptops (and were finally going to be moving on from XP! hoorah!), but we still have Blackberry's for out phones, which do their job i suppose. They are great for email and documents....and being locked down to the MAX!


Feb 25, 2011
I can see that smartphone and tablet sales grew more than laptops and desktops, but i don't see the volumes mentioned?

And what's the point of selling more if you're not making profit?


Jun 29, 2006
Lenovo’s seven-inch tablets, the A1000 1.2 dual core 1024x600and A3000 1.2 quad core 1024x600, as well as the ten-inch A6000 1.2 quad core 1280x800.
These tablets run Android OS. Jelly Bean
You know why smartphones and tablets are outselling PCs? Because not everybody has one yet. Of course you're going to see all kinds of big sales numbers while a new market is still filling up. People also tend to replace smartphones every couple years and hang on to PCs for 6 or 7 if not longer. All this "OMG DEATH OF THE PC" drivel is way overblown.
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