World's best monitor? Can the community build it?


Oct 28, 2014
Can the community build the best gaming monitor?
Your computer may be all the buzz with liquid cooling and 4 Titan Xs. It can only perform as good as the Monitor lets it. Well broadly speaking.

Coming to the market we see all the new do dads of display technology, High resolution panels, miniscule response rate, and refresh rate over 9000! Dell enrolls a 5k monitor, Asus a one with a response time of a millisecond. All god? Well most of these are tailored for people with an urge to buy the next best thing that comes to the market. But to the budget-in-mind person with their head out of the clouds it comes down to price to performance, and whether or not they need it.

TechQuickie, your aid for the base.

In this particular thread we, will together, with the community build the best budget friendly, easy to run, worth it, gaming monitor. Or at least that the plan.

Note: I am going to take it that you know most of these terms and what the stand for.

Remember: What you select is based on ease of running (for the hardware), Price.

Preference of Company.

Buying anything these days comes down to preference of an individual, be it through reviews or personal experience, one needs to have a certain amount of faith in the company they are buying from. It could be a small thing like, Pepsi over Coca-Cola. Preference is there.

Many major brands dip their toes into the Gaming Monitor section, the major ones being included in this strawpoll down below.

Aspect Ratio.

Aspect ratio of the monitor is how many horizontal pixels per vertical pixels, Represented by a simple ratio. Now the ratio also depends upon the level of immersion one wants to have in a certain tasks and how much of your field of view is being taken up by the monitor (that’s also on its size, that’s a later segment). Strawpoll!


Not explaining this,



Remember, it is the diagonal length, not the length or breath, Pythagoras theorem.
Varies with resolution to keep a certain visual fidelity so that one can’t see the individual pixels sitting from one meter of the screen. Strawpoll!

Display Technology.

What makes a monitor, Shine? (haha get it?). The basic Technology that goes behind that display of yours. TechQuickie: -


Refresh Rate.

The refresh rate is the number of frames per second the Monitor can display. Its unit is a Hertz, which is equal to 1/second. 120Hz means it can draw 120 images per second. It goes from 60, 75, all the way up till 144Hz. Strawpoll!

Adaptive V-Sync.

G-Sync or Free Sync, or just don’t care? Strawpoll?

Curved? Multiple?

Everything is better with curves? A woman’s body? A Monitor? Car Bumpers? You name it.
Though multiple monitors on the other hand have that obstructive bezels, but the field of view is better. Strawpoll!

That’s pretty much it? Those are the essentials for gaming monitors. Just the only thing that remains is recognition of this post, so that’s it guys, Thanks for reading. If this post sucked you know what to do, but if it was awesome, get subscribed, hit that like button! Or even consider supporting me directly, using my affiliate code to shop at Amazon…. You know what I mean ;-)