Question Worried about my i9-10900k temps

May 9, 2021
I recently got a new machine running the hardware below and things have been great performance wise so far (especially since I upgraded to a better PSU), but I'm kind of worried about my CPU temps when running at load. I was playing a more graphically demanding game recently with HWinfo up and my CPU was hitting a maximum of 86C and kind of fluctuating between 65C-82C. It tends to idle between 35-40C, which seems pretty normal to me.

Would this be expected for this configuration and with a 360mm AIO? I know the 10900k runs hot but I'm hoping this is normal. Also I'm not overclocked at all so it's running at it's factory settings. I really appreciate any advise.

Intel I9-10900k
Thermaltake Water 3.0 360mm AIO
RTX 3080 Aorus
32GB DDR4 -4000 memory
Z590 Pro WIFI LGA Mobo
850 Seasonic Prime PSU