Worried about ordering a psu from amazon

Dec 13, 2014

Basically im building a pc and lets just say local tech stores dont have the best of power supplies. My other option is to order it from amazon and thats probably what im gonna do, its just i kinda worry about receiving a faulty one or a dead one and warranty isnt gonna help a lot either since i live outside US and sending a faulty unit back and forth is a big problem. So to sum it up how are u guys' experience in power supply delivery from amazon?


Just be aware Amazon too lists for third-party vendors. Items specifically says sold and/or fulfilled by Amazon, is handled by Amazon, otherwise any issue, now you have to contact/try to resolve with third party.
Only true if you pay directly through the third party, which Amazon warns you not to do and to contact them if the seller asks for that.

If you either pay through Amazon or the item is Amazon Prime eligible you have customer service directly through Amazon under the A to Z guarantee or the Amzon Prime guarantee.

I have had a few problems with dog treats and third party sellers, including the package being left where a neighborhood dog ate some of them, and Amazon immediately had the third party reship at no cost to me.