Question Worried I might be overloading my fan headers


Oct 5, 2002
I have a system that has three proprietary fans on three headers, they are all 12V and 0.95A and look like this:


I am going to be replacing them with standard fans using an adapter so I can put more fans on the system, I will be replacing them with these:

Which according to the specs have a max draw of 0.15A (How are they that much less?)

But I will need to daisy-chain more fans to that header, one of them is no big deal as I will just be adding another single 80mm fan, but the other I will be adding several and I am worried it might be too much.

I will also be adding another 120mm fan, most likely this one which says it has a max draw of 0.05 Amps (How is it that low for a bigger fan?):

And possibly these two 60mm fans which each pull 0.08 Amps:

Altogether this should be well under what the single fan originally pulled, 0.95A vs 0.35A (at least if I am to believe it's specs), but I am going to be basically daisy-chaining four fans to a single header which worries me if that will be safe, especially since it will be four fans of three different sizes and power draw. Is it safe to do this?


What is the make and model of your motherboard? I'd make a guess to the header being able to deliver 1A from the header in question as the absolute max. Why not look into a powered PWM fan hub? Got a link to the daisychained fan splitter? To me the numbers check out for the fans you're looking at. You're going to be fine if you don't go beyond the assumed 1A.
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