Question Worse performance after ssd install and fresh windows install


Aug 26, 2017
I have a dell inspiron 7567
intel core i7-7700HQ
8gb ram kingston

The laptop is 2 years old and hasn't had a thermal paste change, so that's probably one of the reasons the performance has turned to crap. But yesterday I put in an m.2 nvme 512GB SSD and everything was fine. When I started the pc up today I had much worse performance in League of Legends and Unturned, both games played the day before without issues. I did a clean install of windows that went like this:
Legacy boot usb drive -> SSD wasn't popping up in partitions -> went to bios and changed settings from RAID to AHCI -> go to install windows again SSD now being accessible, made partitions and couldn't install windows on the ssd because of 'gpt style partition' -> opened up CMD and cleaned both disks then installed windows 10 on the ssd. -> Downloaded everything on the ssd, discord, steam, unturned, league of legends. But performance is absolutely crap now, basically twice as bad LoL from 80 to 35-45 fps which go down to 7 fps at times and unturned with 20 fps.
I tried downloading geforce experience and updating drivers, changing power satings to "high performance" but still no difference. I can only assume i haven't installed the SSD properly or misunderstand how the compatibility between all the parts work. Would be grateful for any tips.
The ssd is some random chinese brand
M.2 SSD OYUNKEY 512GB NVME Solid State Drive PCIE