[SOLVED] worth an upgrade?


Nov 25, 2016
I've had these rams sticks/cards for about 5 ish year and since I've been upgrading my pc I'm just wondering if this card is still fine to use (https://www.memory4less.com/crucial-gaming-memory-blt8g4d26afta-16fad) (also I'm currently using two of them) I've had no issues but I'm just wondering if they would sorta be a bottleneck in a way since I'm running with newer components, currently using i7 8700 and an amd rx 5600 xt, not sure what other specs you need.

CPU-Z info on current ram View: https://imgur.com/a/dB13eYA
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If you're running an i7-8700 then you can't run anything faster than 2666mhz ANYHOW unless you are using a Z series board, and most people with a locked processor are unlikely to be running a Z board. Most will be using an H or B series motherboard which cannot use faster than 2666mhz memory so there is no need, or even possibility, of upgrading to faster RAM unless you have or buy a Z370 or Z390 motherboard. Not worth it in any case when you factor the cost of a different motherboard AND a different memory kit.

If you ARE running a Z370 or Z390 motherboard, then it MIGHT be worth it, if you really are looking to squeeze out every last ounce of performance but if that's the case you'd see much better performance gains with an unlocked CPU SKU that runs a couple hundred Mhz faster than your current one than you would from any possible memory configuration upgrade.
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