Question Worth an upgrade?


Mar 25, 2018

I found an older laptop in the closet that’s still in good shape. Wondering if it is worth upgrading to use as a second laptop (have a newer MacBook Air and a Desktop PC that I built this spring)

HP dv6
AMD A8-3520M APU 64bit with Radeon HD 6620G Graphics 1.60ghz
6g RAM
Windows 7 Home Premium
600 gb HDD
CD drive
802.11 b/g/n WiFi adapter

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
TBH, if you are looking at that as purely a portal, like simple access to the internet, it might be worth messing with.

The A8 is not super powerful, never really was. Most likely inside that HP will be one soldered stick of RAM and maybe a stick of 2GB that can be swapped out to make 8. An SSD upgrade and Windows 10 would likely do wonders.

As with many of the HP I would take a look at a video about accessing the inside. It appears in a super quick search that this one is old enough to have the access doors for both RAM and HDD. This is something that NEVER should have gone away.

If nothing else a machine of this age would do quite well on something like Ubuntu/Linux flavor if you felt like messing around. Saw a thing the other day about converting old laptops into Chromebook too....
I have upgraded even older laptops with a SSD, It makes all the difference in the world for performance.
6gb of ram is likely sufficient. Even if ram capacity is close, a ssd will resolve page faults some 40x faster than a hdd.

The easy way is to clone your HDD to a samsung ssd using their ssd migration app.