Question Worth buying 3200mhz with r5 2400g?

Dec 3, 2020
Hi! so im thinking about buying new 2x8 gb ram 3200mhz cl16. But is it worth it if i have ryzen 5 2400g that can have only 2999mhz i think? Though im running not that good ram right now, 2666mhz cl19. So im thinking about buying new but it is worth with my cpu?

Another question maybe if a ram with a memory clock of cl16-20-20-40 is good? because i wanted to buy it because its cheap but idk those 20-40 seems pretty high (its a 3200mhz)
2400g is quaranteed to work with max 2933mhz,anything above that is not quaranteed to work,but it has a very high chance of working.If i were you i would leave it 2666mhz and save that money for a GPU,that is if you dont have it.Whats the motherboard?