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Question Worth changing my cooling setup?

Jun 17, 2020
Hey guys. Just curious about my PC. Everything's running cool, It's actually recently been downgraded to a cooler running CPU and airflow's been improved but it has a non-typical setup. I have 2 70mm fans as intake in the front, the PSU and another 70mm fan as exhaust at the back of the case and a side panel mounted fan 120mm exhaust fan that was mounted pretty much directly over the old CPU and a bit over and towards the rear for the current one. I THINK conventional wisdom is side panel fans are better setup as intake? (I was young and dumb when I set it up ~7 years ago). The system isn't setup as a hardcore gaming rig (anymore), and does not run particularly hot under load. Fitment is very, very tight and required a 15mm thick fan body makes contact with my PSU with side panel on and slightly bows the case when closed). For whatever reason the mfr decided to only thread one side of the fan body so standard case screws won't grab if I just flip it around. A new fan is like $15-20, so not a huge investment, but for this setup is is even really worth making a change?