Jul 12, 2004
I just recently order computer speakers the Logitech Z2200. Should be coming in a week. Anyways I was wondering if it is relly worth it to buy a soundcard? I just spent my last 100 on the logitech Z2200. Would it really be that much of a difference? Also if so then what soundcard do u reccommend would work good with my new logitech Z2200? 1 more thing...When I do buy a soundcard, are there anything I should be looking for so I know the soundcard is compatiable with my Sony Vaio RS-420 or is all soundcard compatiable with every computer? If this would be helpful I have a Radeon 9800XT. I know some soundcard require a PCI or AGP slot or something. Also I mainly listen to music and play games. Thanks for the help.

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