Worth the effort and money?


Nov 9, 2012
Its my first post and I'm new here so go easy please :p I've been working with an old Dell xps 410 for quite a while now. It was given to me as it wasn't working at the time so it didn't cost me anything to run with it. I've recently put out $150 to upgrade the cpu to q6700, psu to a corsair cx500, and gpu to a gtx 460. It runs everything perfectly playable as of now. I got to thinking though, for future games, it may have a harder time keeping up and I don't like to put out a whole lot of money on this kinda stuff. I've read that its best to overclock before you upgrade, but dell mobo's are pretty well impossible to overclock on. I know they're thoroughly outdated, but would it be worth the money to pick up an old lga 775 mobo and overclock on it until money becomes more abundant and invest in an i3 or i5 setup, or just save the money from the motherboard and put into a more up to date setup? Thanks!
well you can pick up an lga 775 motherboard for around 100 bucks (make sure to get a right size that fits your case) and if you are planning to OC you need to invent in a $50 processor cooler

i personally would wait and game on what you have now. later on build a new system or keep the case and replace the internals meaning processor, motherboard, ram, video card...you can get away with that 500w psu you have right now