Nov 18, 2011
So I currently own an ASRock Z68 Fatal1ty based system with a Core i7 2600k. During a Black Friday special I snagged a SB-E 3930K for less than $400.

I don't mind paying to upgrade it and snag a new 2011 board so long as it would be worth it. Would the PC performance be better, snappier?

Lastly, I'm selling my HD6870 Crossfire. Should I go with a 7970 or go with a GTX670/680 2/4GB?


P.S. So currently (with three hours left) my 2600k is fetching $215 and my motherboard is at $100, both on ebay. That'll help bring down the upgrade expense.


Apr 13, 2012
Whether or not it's worth the upgrade depends on what you use it for. If you're gaming, even the 2600k wasn't really worth it; if you're doing lots of video editing or image editing, then sure, you're likely to see an improvement with the extra 4 threads.

As for the video card, I'd opt for the 7970. It's around the price of a 670 (a little more, maybe) and is faster.


if you've got k processors, you're overclocking. To reiterate, i7 is overkill for gaming, but a hexacore i7 is great for real workloads.

You want to get a cheap hd7970 with a decent cooler and overclock past ghz ed. speeds. Then you've got the fastest single gpu card available.

Careful of that HIS model with the fans. it's over 12.3 inches long. Check you case clearance before getting that bad boy.

There's a shorter sapphire model with a decent fans/heatpipes cooler that's only a bit more coin.