Question Worth upgrading my Ryzen 7 3700x


Jun 8, 2009
Just wondering what ya think of upgrading my Ryzen 7 3700x to the Ryzen 7 5800x3d or maybe the 5700x. You can see my full system specs.


5800X3D is the last platform upgrade you could ever make for AM4.

Would make sense if you are gaming at 1080p. At 1440p you would see some improvement, but I doubt it will be significant. At 4k, you would probably not see any improvement.

Might make more sense to wait for the release of the AM5 platform, when the price should plummet, and pick this CPU up at a discount.

I honestly am not sure what the point of these newer and newer CPUs are for gaming. The bottleneck is usually always the GPU. If better and better resolutions are the next graphics "improvements", seems like your 3700x would be just fine forever. Check out these benchmarks. If you are playing 4k, the CPU you are using is basically of no consequence.

I have a 3700X and 3080 and recently upgraded to a 1440p 240Hz from a 144Hz. I am planning to get a 5800X3D to maximise my fps for my new monitor. If I’d stayed with 144Hz I would be less inclined to upgrade but may still have done it to get the most life out of my motherboard and DDR4.
If you game at 1080P or 1440, the 5800X3D seems quite nice, and, certainly the 15% gains in IPC to the 5000 series plus another 15-18% of the 3d V-cache would be noticeable. If you are more of a content creator/editor, then both the 5900X and 5950X are at all-time low prices these days as of late!

(If a 4k gamer, gains would likely not be noticeable, even with a 3080 for a GPU...)