Worth waiting for IvyBridge with Asrock Lucid Virtu?


Apr 11, 2012
Hey guys,

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place but I thought it would make more sense here than the new built system category.

I am planning on building a new gaming rig for around £600 soon but the thing I was wondering was if I should wait for the new Ivy Bridge CPUs from intel (released on the 29th April) or just buy a I5-2500k right off the bat.

The reason I ask is that after being informed about Asrock motherboards I was looking into getting the Z77 Extreme 4 which has a feature called 'Asrock Lucid Virtu' (I know its not the only asrock board with the feature :p) which, from what I gather, means that the motherboard uses both the discreet and built-in graphics card to give you a smoother FPS on games but I was wondering if the Ivy Bridge CPUs would effect the performance of this feature?


Mar 13, 2012
Lucid Virtu (the old version) is designed to use the processor's graphical power for encoding, because it is much better than a discrete graphics card. However it caused drastic FPS drops while gaming. The new version (Lucid Virtu MVP) is said to eliminate that drop, and in some cases give you a SMALL increase in FPS.

You can use Lucid Virtu MVP with a sandy bridge processor on a new Z77 mobo, without ivy bridge.

The i5-2500k is a beast of a oc'er and the new ivy bridge cpu's are unlikely to give you very much change in gaming, however, it might be better to wait and see, if only because prices are likely to drop once they're released.

I believe the release date for ivy bridge is the 23rd of April.