Question Worthwhile to upgrade from a Quadro K4200 to a Quadro P2000?

Jul 9, 2019

I am not as conversant with the technicalities of workstation graphics cards however I do have a basic understanding of them and from what I have gathered is that the P2000 is faster and has a bigger RAM capacity than the K4200 and of course the P2000's architecture is newer and as well as the drivers in regards to support etc.

However I am unsure in regards to the 'PIPELINES', 'MEMORY BUS WIDTH' and the 'MEMORY BANDWIDTH' of which the K4200 seems to be higher/better at and if these affect the overall performance of the card to the point that it is or isn't worthwhile to upgrade to the P2000.

I mainly use AUTODESK MAYA and a few ADOBE products. I do not use the GPU for rendering.

If there be anyone who may be able to advice on whether it is worthwhile to upgrade from the K4200 to the P2000, I'd greatly appreciate your assistance.